Friday, February 27, 2009

Spring turkey hunting

I was sucessful in drawing two tags for for the spring turkey season. Now it will be a couple months of waiting for the season to open. This will give me time to hone my calling. I use a slate call, a box call, and mouth calls. It is exciting to set up decoys and be able to call in mature toms. You never know what will happen when you are calling. I have had several time when a coyote will come sneaking in to see if they can get a meal. I have more sucess calling in birds as the season goes on. It seems that in the early part the gobblers and hens are all grouped togather and the toms are not very eager to leave the hens in search one that is not near. Later on you will have gobblers that are seperate or in a small group of gobblers that will respond eagerly to calls.
Good luck to all that have a tag/tags. Happy hunting.

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